August 24, 2011

Paris - T Minus 14 Days

In 14 short days, April and I will be on our way to Paris where we hope to bask in the warm Autumn sun from one of our three apartment terraces, including one with a hammock!  This will be our first time renting a vacation apartment from Homelidays. We started looking for a vacation rental in January 2011 and it didn't take us long to find the perfect Paris apartment that met all of our criteria. The favorable reviews from previous renters and our interaction with the owner quickly removed any hesitation we had when pondering the idea of using another "vacation rental by owner" site for our Paris rental. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our choice will not disappoint.

My greatest challenge in the next two weeks will be to efficiently pack everything I need for a month into one checked bag and one medium-sized carry on. I am a habitual "over-packer" and although we will certainly have laundry facilities available, it's difficult to achieve the right balance of wardrobe for early autumn in Paris and late summer in the French Riviera. Where do I fit all my shoes? I'm going to need sandals, flip-flops, walking shoes, "cute" shoes, closed-toe shoes, flats and possibly boots. Combine my shoes with all of my hair products and that's a very large checked bag alone, not to mention the rest of my toiletries. What's a girl to do? It occurred to me that I could just PLAN to shop while in Paris. What's not to love about a new Channel lipstick? Who needs to pack a coat, when I can probably just find an adorable one at Zara? Suddenly I feel a bit liberated from the need to check off every necessity from my list of "must haves" knowing that I'm going to be in the city of Paris . . . with all of their lovely shops . . . for like 30 days . . . sounds like my packing problem has been resolved!

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