July 29, 2014

Living it up in the French Riviera

After our very long road trip, none of us had any intention of doing anything other than lounging around the house, enjoying the fantastic sunshine and floating in the pool for at least a day or two. There was a LOT of this going on:

Followed by days of doing nothing but this:

Now this was a vacation! I won't lie, it was HOT. Living in the PNW now for over 13 years, I've become very acclimated to our mild climate. For the week we were in Plan-de-la-Tour, we had temperatures between the low 80's and high 90's. Thank goodness we had a pool; we spent a lot of time in it!
Over the next few days, we all did various things besides just lounging around the villa. Terrey and Laura spent some time together exploring the village of Biot, Monaco and Cannes. Terrey, April and Laura did some wandering in hopes of finding some local wineries. Sean and I drove to Aix en Provence, and we all spent a day at a St. Tropez beach club and exploring the village of Ramatuelle (I will write about this adventure in another post).
Coincidentally, good friends of ours from Seattle were also vacationing nearby in St. Tropez, so Emilie, Louis and their adorable son, Oliver, came over and hung out at our place.

I had a great time (despite the heat), preparing our feast for the evening, which was a delicious ratatouille made with beautiful heirloom tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant from our local produce market, roasted chicken Provencal style, and a homemade berry tart for dessert. For some reason, I hadn't thought to snap a picture of the other dishes, but here's the chicken before I put it in the oven. I swear, everything tastes better in France!

It was nice to just stay put for a week and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. I can say I truly "relaxed"; I tried to not work too much (I was supposed to be on vacation), and I can now admit to being a puzzle addict. I used to give April a hard time about how she was always doing puzzles on her iPad and guess who's addicted now? There's something therapeutic about putting puzzles together and although I brought a knitting project, I was quite content to waste my days doing nothing but puzzles and lounging in the pool. Don't judge.


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